Pantheon Records is a label formed by artists for artists, providing a platform for incredibly talented, provocative, esoteric, controversial, underground, free thinking, and unforgivably raw emcees, singers, songwriters and producers;who are simply to powerful for the mainstream and to bold to go unrecognized.


In an industry that is ever evolving. For good or for bad, we at Pantheon Records strive to uphold the outcast, unheard and unseen artist; providing a home in which they can flourish. 



August 2, 2020

Pantheon is proud and excited to announce its newest member, Bliss Bindope!
An amazingly gifted goddess has blessed us with her many talents and conscious awareness of the times at hand. Through her devastatingly raw lyricism and undeniable sheer talent, she joins the Pantheon in full force.
She is currently working on numerous projects and will be dropping them throughout the year. 

June 15, 2020

Fantomgod's latest release titled "Eternal Requiem" features heavyweight lyricists from around the world. From Spain to South Africa to Hawaii to France, there is an onslaught of talent to behold. The album hits with an arsenal of merciless proportion. The content showcases the godliness of the Pantheon crew and the sheer force of what happens when they all line up to do damage. 

May 5, 2020


Lady Of Sorrows Releases first single off upcoming album!

LOS' third release will be coming soon.  In anticipation of the release we are happy to drop the first single, "Meet your Maker."

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