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Formed in 2006 in South Africa, on a cold night in a cemetery, Dark Chamberz is: Inverted Crucifixuz, Lord Invasive, Scibermadic, and Mind. Each member has a powerful, distinctive, and merciless voice with a rap style to match.


the Chamberz saga has been a legacy not only in their stomping grounds of Soweto but they have also gained international recognition. With over 25 albums under their belt, this crew is undeniably a powerhouse of sheer strength, wisdom, force and determination.


With Inverted Crucifixuz as the crews primary producer they have managed to create an onslaught of epic proportion. They are pioneers in the Soweto underground hip-hop scene and have earned respect from peers and producers alike.

Dark Chamberz embody dark conscious horror core rap that is truly unstoppable. The Chamberz family is currently working on their next release for 2020.

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