The man and the artist born Luyolo Jobodwana. Goga Straal is a hip-hop artist from East London, eMdantsane, eZiphunzane. He got his name from fellow musicians. They saw his style of rap and lyrics as a flint striking a match box creating fire when it comes out. He started rapping in 2006 in a room at the back of his home with a tape deck and lyrics from his favorite rap superstars, Wu-tang Clan. He loved the way he could express himself with flows that needed no melody. He started writing his own lyrics in an act that would result in one of the most rare and unique rap styles mixing English and his native tongue.

Goga Straal refined his rap style as he went from night club to night club show casing his ability to multiple crowds. He met a group of individuals that shared similar dreams and ambitions; they formed a group called DILLAW also know as K.O.T.A.C  (Kings Of The Ancient Crews). Goga Straal recorded multiple tracks with his crew. Most of which didn’t reach commercial radio or TV stations, but the songs became the toast of the town; for people from eZphunzane, eMdantsane, Amalinda and Beacon Bay. He carried on working hard with his crew DILLAW but soon realized that to reach a wider and more commercial market he not only had to leave the crew, but also leave the city to find a production team that could dedicate their time to his dream album, ‘’StraalneZkrypts’’.



Chasing the dream Goga Straal started performing solo in Port Elizabeth in a night club called DnE, where artists meet every Thursday to exhibit their skills and flows. Coming from another town, he wasn’t sure how he would be received, but when he got off the stage after rendering his first ever item on Port Elizabeth soil, all were amazed at how hard and articulated his wording was. He received multiple pats on the back from high profile artist that had attended that night, including Miki San (Machiel Jordaan) from ‘’Gunz n Lasers’’ (Dubstep group) and the late Viv Bozak (Algoa DJ , A veteran rapper that enjoyed legend status in the genre.)

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