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Haez One

The infamous Haez One is well known for his lyrical onslaught of dynamic skills.

It can be difficult to put into words, the many styles this enigmatic emcee delivers. As if almost effortlessly, he destroys any track you throw at him. From a classic g'd up sound to dropping knowledge wisdom born to witty and diabolical word play.


The enigma only known as Haez One is one of the west coasts most best kept secrets. Haez is a soldier from the start. All you gotta do is stroll through his catalog to take a look at the diversity of this multi talented intrinsic soul.

Whether attacking political and conspiratorial issues or straight party rocking for the sake of it, Haez is sure to leave his mark imprinted on the listener for many years to come. Keep an eye peeled as you can expect more from the one and only HaezOne.

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