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Inverted Crucifixuz

Inverted Crucifixuz of Nazereth has been putting in work for over 15 years. Forming the infamous horror core rap group “Dark Chamberz” in 2006;he has been producing, mixing, mastering not only his own solo albums but the members of Dark Chamberz solo albums as well.

Crucifix is a relentless power house that can not be stopped by anything or anyone worldly or unworldy.

A legend in his home town of Soweto as well as world wide; he is one of the founding fathers of the astro-goth/horrorcore rap movement that began in South Africa.

Some may see his content as dark and evil, however, there is still light and a passionate sense to it. His messages convey not only his own personal struggles but also the struggles of an enslaved, blinded humanity that he some how feels responsible for saving or redeeming. He is hell bent on showing the world who and what is behind the horrors and atrocities that plague mankind; all while lacing his lyrics with profound wisdom that only a true knower of truth would be able to comprehend.

Crucifixuz has been relentlessly dropping album after album for nearly two decades. You can only expect more merciless production to come from the beast known as Inverted Crucifixuz. 

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