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Torrejon de ardoz is considered to be the cradle of rap in Madrid Spain. Hailing from this cradle is an extraordinary talented emcee/producer named Saer aka Amok The Kyojin. He has been putting in serious work since day one, beginning his rap career in 1998. Heavily influenced by early pioneers like GRAVEDIGGAZ and FLATLINERS, Saer brings his lyrical genius in his native tongue like no other. Incorporating his knowledge of ancient Latin philosophy, his music is riddled with dark satanic anti-christain metaphors along with heavy punchlines about surviving in the mean streets of Madrid. Saer has a style that devistates with esoteric wisdom all while mercilessly delivering a body of work of epic proportion.

Saer is also a founding member of Konsciente Stado. The group has colloborated with many recognized underground hardcore and horror-core rap groups. They have opened for acts such as M.O.P, SNOWGOONS, and SHABAZZ THE DISIPLE.

Saer continues to colloab and produce with talented artists from around the world. He is a powerhouse of an emcee/producer and will continue to build with Pantheon Records

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