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The infamous wormhole is a multi-talented emcee/producer/artist. He has released an arsenal of music throughout his career. A strong resume in slaying shit, Worm has been undoubtedly making noise for the conspiratorial anti establishment underground hip-hop junkie.


With an onslaught of albums under his belt he comes at you like a whirlwind of chaos and destruction. Uttering profound sacred truths, as well as a lyrical beat down to the ear drum for those who can hang-glide with the precision and accuracy of the way Worm delivers his dynamic skills on the mic.


Comparable to none, Worm is an innovator and originator in the rap truth movement.  He continues to devastate tracks on his own and with his crew New Cocoon; of which he is a founding member.

We at Pantheon are proud to have Wormhole under our dome and are excited to build with him wherever his imagination will take us.

WORMHOLE snippet (submerge)
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